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Web Design, Web Hosting, and Domain Names

WordPro Information Systems can design and host your website for very reasonable prices.

Web sites require three basic items in order to function.

  • A Domain Name (e.g.
  • Web Hosting (web servers)
  • Site Content (web pages)

We provide information for advanced computer users to do things themselves, but we can do all or part of it for you, if you prefer.

Domain Name Registration

A domain name is the common human readable name that points to a server. For example, may point to several servers such as, be we don’t want people to have to remember the IP addresses of our web servers.

A domain name is reserved for the person or organization that it is registered to. We can manage domain name registration, or you can register yourself at sites such as

Cost is approximately $35 a year, plus $10 for private registration = $45.00 a year.

Web Site Design

In order to have a web site, there have to be web pages. People are becoming more familiar with HTML, and there are programs that make site design easier.

We can help design a site for a few hundred dollars.

Web Site Hosting

Web pages must reside somewhere in order to display pages. The servers that hold the web pages are called web servers. The service of managing web sites is called web hosting.

We can host sites for a few dollars a month. Prices vary depending on features, content size, traffic, complexity, etc. A simple small business site can be hosted for $10 to $20 a month on an annual billing schedule. Some can be a little cheaper, some can be much more expensive. Let us know how we can help.

Total Cost

Here is a rough estimate with round numbers to get an idea of the total cost of running a web site.

  • A Domain Name— $50.00 / yr.
  • Web Hosting —$250.00 /yr.
  • Site Content —$500.00 – $5000.00 – one time

Total = $300.00 a year plus design costs, and content changes.

That comes out to around $25.00 a month for the domain name and hosting. Can you do it yourself for little less? Probably, but if you need help we can do it for just a few more dollars than you would pay a a discount hosting site.

Sites Designed by WordProInfo:

And of course, this site:

Web Design In-Progress:

Sometimes a design has to go through an aproval process, and a site design may be placed here temporarily. Check below for sites we may be working on:

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