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The Art of Spam-Hunting

 [Coalitian Against Unsolicited Commercial Email]

(A library of texts for the serious spam hunter) Mostly taken from

Live Spam to test your skills onHere is some actual spam received that you can use to test your newly learned Spam Hunting skills on.
Spam fighting at
Lots of good stuff hosted by, the net abuse clearinghouse. Includes lots of ways of filtering spam of all flavours from your account or an entire site.
Primarily about usenet spam rather than email spam. Well worth a read, particularly SpuToolsŪ
Bill Mattocks hunts MrChicken
A great case-study in reading email headers
Tracking the source of email spam
Ed Falks fine description of what the different lines in an email header mean, and what to look at to trace the source of a spam
All about spam
Introduction to spam, and a few ways to reduce the amount you get
Good, short introduction to the basics of decoding headers and finding the right postmaster to complain to
Decoding JavaScript
How to deal with webpages obfuscated using JavaScript
The Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial Email
Lots of background, history and politics
Death to Spam!
Some good advice on retaliating against spam. Be very careful about threatening Denial-of-Service attacks against the host ISP, though. Doing it is illegal in most places, threatening it may be illegal in some.
Jason Walter, have a nice day!
One case study in spammer hunting.
Yahoo – spam
Lots more resources at Yahoo!
A tutorial on IP addresses and domain name servers
A whimsical description of traceroute
The links below moved to the one above
eristic/junkmail/spam_tracking_102.html”>Spam Tracking 102
Searching dejanews
Spam Tracking 104
A spammer unmasked